The Invisalign® Way

Invisalign in Calgary, ABWelcome back to Drs. Edward and Georgie Rosenbaum‘s blog!  We hope you have enjoyed reading our previous posts and would like to learn more about the Invisalign system!  Invisalign is a wonderful product that straightens teeth without the hassle that braces pose for its patients.  Everyone wants straight teeth, but one big concern among patients is its appearance or how much time it takes to maintain conventional braces.  These concerns are alleviated with Invisalign because it gives patients a discreet way of aligning teeth and a rapid process.

Invisalign and Traditional Braces

Braces have proven to be an effective method for straightening teeth and many have been able to accomplish the maintenance of braces.  On the other hand, braces have caused many patients distress with the amount of maintenance it requires, but also the pain that comes along with having metal in your mouth.   The many benefits of Invisalign are as follows:

  • Appearance- Invisalign is a virtually transparent aligner that can be removed whenever and fits snugly onto the mold of your teeth.  You will not experience bulging or gapping, which gives you a more comfortable and flexible feel.  Braces are very obvious and often cause ridicule from peers.
  • Comfort- Because Invisalign is smooth and does not have rough edges, it does not pose the same inconveniences a s braces do.  Braces will often irritate the skin and cause  bleeding or swelling when it rubs against the sensitive inner cheek skin.
  • Length of Treatment- Depending on your personal treatment plan, the length of time it takes for your teeth to align to your desired specification is significantly less than braces.  On average it take up to 13 months to complete the Invisalign treatment.
  • Hygiene- Invisalign offers patients the option of removing their aligner before eating or any social event.  With braces, eating can become a oral hygiene hazard because food can easily get lodged in the crevices between the tooth and the wire brackets.  Maintenance of braces require a lot of time and if this is not accomplished properly, tooth decay can occur and cause you further problems or complications.
  • Cost– Another large concern among patients is how much Invisalign will cost them.  Invisalign in some cases can be drastically less expensive than braces depending on the length of  treatment duration.

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Invisalign has proven to be superior to that of braces in not just straightening teeth, but also in providing patients with conveniences.  If you have any questions regarding Invisalign or would like to discuss your candidacy, please contact NorthPointe Family Dentistry to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation with Drs. Rosenbaum today!