Invisalign Compared to Other Orthodontic Treatments

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  girl with bracesHaving straight teeth can improve your life in more than just one way. Not only is your confidence increased, but your oral health, which can be linked to several other health aspects, is improved as well. The process to achieving your perfect smile can seem difficult to navigate through at first, but Invisalign makes this seemingly difficult task simple. More and more of our patients have found Invisalign to be the most comfortable and convenient treatment plan to give them the smile they’ve always wanted. Today, Dr. Georgie Rosenbaum from North Point Family Dentistry in Calgary, AB discusses how Invisalign stacks up to other orthodontic treatments on …

Invisalign® Catered To Teens

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Our Calgary, AB teens know that Invisalign can provide a much better treatment option for their needs than that offered by traditional braces. Lately, it seems like we've begun to notice a lot of buzz about Invisalign® here at Northpointe Family Dentistry. Our patients love the fact that they can now pursue teeth straightening treatment that is both comfortable and virtually invisible once in place. Unsurprisingly, our most vocal group of happy patients has been our many teens. Our teen patients love the idea of being able to straighten their teeth without any of their friends even noticing. Today, Dr. Georgie Rosenbaum is blogging from …

Treatments Available With Invisalign®

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Our Calgary, AB patients know that Invisalign has a treatment for their needs. Invisalign® is quickly beginning to replace traditional braces as the first choice treatment for a large variety of different problems. Whether it's crooked teeth or common bite issues, Invisalign has a treatment that can take care of it. And, the people behind Invisalign are always working on improving their technology. In fact, the recent addition of precision cuts has allowed Invisalign to treat even more different bite issues. Today, Drs. Edward and Georgie Rosenbaum are blogging from Calgary, AB to talk about some of the conditions that Invisalign currently excels at treating. …

The Invisalign® Process

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Our Calgary, AB area patients know that Invisalign can leave them with a beautiful, straightened smile. For the longest time, traditional braces have been the go to method of straightening crooked teeth and correcting bite issues. However, the invention of Invisalign® is quickly beginning to change this. This is primarily because the Invisalign process leaves patients with a beautiful, straightened smile without requiring that the patient bleed for it. With such a great advancement to the teeth straightening field, many of our current and prospective patients have expressed the idea that the Invisalign process must be very complicated. We at Northpointe Family Dentistry are happy to say that this isn't …

Cost & Financing For Invisalign Treatment

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Here at NorthPointe Family Dentistry, we believe in offering the best oral health solutions at the most reasonable prices. Whether you are seeking treatment for a simple dental issue or a bigger one like orthodontic care, we offer options for every dental need and budget. Below you will find some additional details about our financing, insurance, and payment options for your Invisalign treatment.

What Are Dr. Rosenbaum's Payment Options?

For the convenience of our patients, we accept the following types of payment for our orthodontic services: cash, checks, credit cards, insurance, and CareCredit. Should you wish to discuss alternative payments, please be sure to do so before scheduling services.

Does NorthPointe Family Dentistry Accept Insurance?

Most patients want to know if their dental …

The Invisalign® Way

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Invisalign in Calgary, ABWelcome back to Drs. Edward and Georgie Rosenbaum's blog!  We hope you have enjoyed reading our previous posts and would like to learn more about the Invisalign system!  Invisalign is a wonderful product that straightens teeth without the hassle that braces pose for its patients.  Everyone wants straight teeth, but one big concern among patients is its appearance or how much time it takes to maintain conventional braces.  These concerns are alleviated with Invisalign because it gives patients a discreet way of aligning teeth and a rapid process.

Invisalign and Traditional Braces

Braces have proven to be an effective method for straightening teeth and many have been able to …

Health Benefits of Invisalign

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Invisalign helps you maintain a healthy mouthDrs. Edward and Georgie Rosenbaum are happy to see you back at NorthPointe Family Dentistry! In their combined experience of over 50 years Drs. Rosenbaum have seen the aesthetic benefits of Invisalign frequently touted, but not so much their health benefits. This is unfortunate because there are important health reasons for seeking treatment for crooked, misaligned, and crowded teeth. While many people may have evaded wearing traditional braces out of fear of the infamous metal mouth, Invisalign makes many of the disadvantages associated with metal braces obsolete by replacing the metallic components with clear plastic aligners. The modern technology of clear braces …

Welcome to NorthPointe Family Dentistry’s Invisalign Blog!

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Invisalign in Calgary, ABWelcome to the Invisalign blog of NorthPointe Family Dentistry located in Calgary, AB! Our family dentistry is headed by Drs. Edward and Georgie Rosenbaum. The Rosenbaums strive to make their patients feel comfortable and happy during the entire Invisalign process, and are very happy to present this Invisalign blog to help educate our patients. This blog will cover many Invisalign topics, such as:
  • Invisalign vs. Braces
  • Benefits of Invisalign
  • Payment Plans for Invisalign
  • Treatment Time for Invisalign
  • Orthodontic Issues Invisalign Fixes
Invisalign aligners are the discreet and comfortable way to straighten teeth and fix any other orthodontic issues you may have. Invisalign can fix mild to moderate issues with your smile.

About NorthPointe …